Experiential Continuous Professional Development WORKSHOPS For Teachers

As we move forward in the 21st Century, we need to make a paradigm shift in the way children learn in classrooms; from a rote learning methodology towards a multiple skill building one. My belief stands on the pillar that Authentic Learning happens when children are given opportunities to Internalise their Lived Experiences. To stay updated, Continuous Professional Development is the need of the hour to help teachers stay updated with the demands of the fast paced world we are all living in.

As a published Author of more than 50 curricular books and been professionally trained from the Harvard Graduate School of Education ( USA) in various fields like  

Recently, STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math) is being proven as a powerful methodology to not just build problem solving and innovation skills but a wide variety of 21st Century Learning skills in children. As an experienced educationist in this field, my STEAM workshops have been helping teachers achieve this and much more for the last several years. I have translated my two decades of experience as a Master trainer into workshops and courses so that more and more teachers can benefit out of them.

Through Offline and Experiential day long Teacher Training workshops, my team empowers teachers from diverse backgrounds with innovative pedagogies to not just make classrooms into active laboratories of learning, but extend learning beyond the confines of boundaries.

A very interesting aspect of these workshops include weaving pedagogies to help children also build a strong character in all curricular transactions. We firmly believe that at the end of the day, true success of each person is a measure of one’s humanity. Every child should be nurtured with skills to live an inspirational life, by nourishing personal gifts that each one is born to share with the world. Our workshops help teachers take on the role of an enabler by facilitating learning and help children tap their inner wisdom and unleash their inner potential. We firmly believe in the premise that the main purpose of education should be to help children become the best and truest versions of themselves, and not lose their SELF to the fast paced, ever changing digital world.

Through day long workshops, we help teachers support learning in all five domains of physical, cognitive, social, emotional and spiritual development and aid holistic learning through every curricular intervention.

Over the last two decades, I have impacted more than 50,000 teachers in the length and breadth of India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Middle Eastern countries, to make Science and EVS teaching experiential and meaningful. My online and offline teacher training sessions, textbooks and curricular materials have helped teachers introduce innovative methodologies for teaching Science and EVS in classrooms to meet the learning outcomes through a competency-based, self-directed learning approach.

To meet the demands of the 21st Century teaching learning landscape, the latest offerings of One Teacher One Scientist to empower teachers also include a variety of offline, one to one workshops, by our team of motivated and empowered Trainers.

We look forward to helping colleagues in their empowerment journey and become creative 21st Century teachers.

Some of our latest offerings include sessions for Teachers of Pre Primary, Primary and Middle School Teachers on

  • Competency Based Teaching in Science/ EVS
  • STEAM to build a 21st Century Learner
  • Including SDGs in Science/EVS Curriculum
  • Building a growth mindset in children
  • Problem Solving in Science/ EVS classrooms
  • Addressing EVS/ Science Learning Outcomes

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