Nature has inspired mankind even before they started settling and building their civilisations.
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Today it’s not just over exploitation but also the disconnect with the real world that is becoming a cause for alarm. We need to consciously make children detach from their virtual world to experience the real world to


Rebuild and

Restore it To save our planet, children also need to become mindful of their footprints on the Earth. We need to make a concerted effort to help children build a relationship with nature and look at it with love, empathy and responsibility. 

Our LIFE Walks are focused towards instilling Sustainability into Education and giving children opportunities to learn from and apply learning in the world around them as they:




Expand/ Elaborate


LIFE or Learning In A FREE ENVIRONMENT is a UNIQUE programme that extends Learning beyond classrooms.

Through our LIFE walks, we extend STEAM in a real world context, extending learning in the real world. This helps build enquiry and raises curiosity in children and help them becoming empathetic problem solvers to live mindfully and responsibly. Through Holistic development we aim to raise children who grow up to create, respect and preserve a sustainable world.

We have been conducting walks for children aged 7 to 12 years of age, in the Lodhi Gardens and Sunder Nursery Heritage Park in New Delhi. Check out upcoming events section to check out our ongoing walks.

Some of our popular LIFE walks include:

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When children grow up with a strong sense of self worth and confidence to create solutions and rise above failure in life, they also feel prepared to manage change and uncertainties in a more empowered manner. This is fundamental to holistic learning. Each of our programmes and products is designed to create an ecosystem where children are prepared to become learners for Life.