Authentic Learning happens when children are given opportunities to Internalise their Lived Experiences

Professional Development Workshops

STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math) is being proven as a powerful methodology to not just build problem solving and innovation skills but a wide variety of 21st Century Learning skills in children. Our specialised workshop help teachers build STEAM in their curriculum.

Through hybrid Offline and Experiential as well as Teacher Training workshops, teachers from diverse backgrounds are empowered with innovative pedagogies to make classrooms into active laboratories of learning, and extend learning beyond the confines of classroom walls.

Some of our offerings include sessions for Teachers of Pre Primary, Primary and Middle School Teachers on

We also provide tailor made solutions to meet the requirements of your teachers connect with us.

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Interactive Sessions and Webinars

We conduct specialized sessions to enable teachers to weave dynamic teaching learning experiences into their lesson plans and curriculum like:


Experiential Learning

Design Thinking

Art inspired Learning

LIFE Teacher Training sessions revolve around extending powerful learning methodologies beyond the confines of classroom walls. 

Extended learning in Museums, Monuments, Zoological Parks, and Sanctuaries to become rich resources of learning, we empower teachers with tools on how to convert them into powerful learning laboratories for skill building in the 21st Century.


Some of our popular LIFE teacher training sessions have been:

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