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One Teacher One Scientist is a passion that started with a dream that if every teacher pledges to give one thought leader to the country, it would be a great service towards nation building.

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RISE (Re-Imagining School Education) FESTIVAL

RISE is an Education Festival curated by our Founder, Vaishali Gupta. It is a collaborative effort of One Teacher One Scientist and Alliance Française de Delhi. The first edition of RISE happened at the Alliance Française de Delhi campus from 17th to 19th November 2023. The festival aimed at Global Citizenship in Indian Schools, with the role of Neurosciences in Education.

It was inaugurated by the UNICEF Head in India, Ms Cynthia Mc Caffrey and online by Dr Biswajit Saha, Director CBSE, Ms Deepali Upadhyay, Director Atal Innovation Mission, Niti Aayog, and Dr Srija, Director, National Innovation Foundation, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. Padma Shri recipients like Dadi Pudumjee, Dr Gowri Ishwaran and Padma Bhushan Dr Shyama Chona graced the festival by their active participation. Besides, UNESCO MGIEP, Dr Sandhya Awasthi, Richa Agnihotri, Rashmi Chari, Ambassador Dr Mohan Kumar, Dr Ashok Vajpayee, Dr Patrick Mitchell and NGOs like Pratham, Save our children, Room to Read, Tara Homes, Samarpan,  Smile for All, SADRAG and Salam Baalak Trust and Prabha Khaitan Foundation came together to make RISE a huge success.

SLATE Programme

SLATE or Simple Learning Activities to Think and Empower is a unique Multisensory, Activity Based Bridge programme developed by a Pedagogy expert, Author and Educationist Vaishali Gupta.

SLATE : A Bridge Programme for Out of School Children

SLATE or Simple Learning Activities to Think and Empower is a unique Multisensory, Activity Based Bridge programme developed by a Pedagogy expert, Author and Educationist Vaishali Gupta.

Simple Strategies To Build 21st Century Learning

To know more about different Pedagogies and teaching methodologies or skill building in children, just stay connected. Share with other parents, teachers and whoever you feel might find this useful. 

tips to teach 21st century learning

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Building a Growth Mindset in Schools

For long term efficacy, and deeper learning processes to take place, we need to build a growth mindset. The way we get labelled, structured, corrected and conditioned towards behaving and thinking in a certain societally approved manner makes us outwardly inclined over time.

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Why do children need to tap into their inner intelligence/ Transform your classrooms

To build competencies, we need to strengthen humanness in our children. In this world of automation and Artificial intelligence, we need to help children tap into their inner intelligence, otherwise all the mundane jobs and careers would be taken over by machines.

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Children idolise teachers/ Teacher Impacts the students

Children idolise their teachers and put them on a pedestal. In such an ecosystem, knowingly or unknowingly we, as teachers, pass on personal fears and beliefs to our students in day to day classroom interactions.

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Why should teachers journal / Journaling for teachers

Honest Journaling can help us understand ourselves, and be aware of our self-limiting beliefs and behaviours by observing, reflecting and contemplating on our teaching practices.

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Why should we journal?/ What thought leaders say about journaling/ Teachers journal/ Self reflection

World Leaders and Thought Leaders find Journaling a powerful tool to transform lives and bring about a major change in perspectives.

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“I liked Written learning method, and learned Innovative idea to make the session interesting.”

Gowri Varaprada

“I liked Innovative ideas, and Learning EVS in an interesting way in the confines of your home.”

Snehal S Kamat

“I liked New innovative ideas, and learned the new ways to indulge the child at home in activities.”

Bhupinder Singh

“So many activities was there which make it interesting, and I learned Activities.”


“I liked Her innovative ideas to teach science, I learned that Kitchen is the best science lab.”


“I liked the suggested activities, and learned how to make students experience the simple science at home.”

Divya Chopra

“I liked Activities introduces by ma’am, and I learned how children can learn through doing activities by themselves.”

Karampal Kaur

“Session was very informative and useful, I learned Different activities of science and evs.”

Alok Saraswat

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