About Us

About One Teacher One Scientist

One Teacher One Scientist is an initiative started by Vaishali Gupta, to empower teachers, parents, grandparents or anyone who impacts a child’s learning and Development in any way.
We believe that each one of us is a teacher and has a bearing on a child’s development.
At One Teacher One Scientist, we perceive ourselves as enablers in the teaching learning process and aid in building a holistic learning environment with sound pedagogies to help children become life long learners.
Vaishali Gupta has been writing in education for more than two decades now and has a deep involvement with development of quality education material in India.
Her understanding of the practical, application based, child friendly and interactive learning process required in today’s education system is transacted in her various school textbooks and learning materials. She is the author of many bestselling Textbooks and curriculum material for several international publishers. Her school textbooks in Science and EVS are published by Oxford University Press, her Science and Environment based activity and quiz books are published by Scholastic India, her computer science textbooks are published by Encyclopaedia Britannica ( Now Indiannica). Some of her books are also published by Cambridge University Press UK and Puffin India.