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Welcome to the world of Smart Tees for Smart Kids!

Smart Tees for Smart Kids is a unique concept where we’ve used a child’s clothing as an important stimulator for developing curiosity and wonder in a child’s mind. Using clothing as a tool is a conscious attempt to bring learning close to a child’s heart, and help develop a meaningful connection with the world around. Each of the T-shirts are uniquely designed and are based on curricular concepts that children are either already exposed or will be exposed to, in due course of time. The idea is to initiate not just curricular intervention but initiate thinking skills and build a scientific mindset based on enquiry right from an early age. Parents can actually use the unique prints in our STEAM Edu range to also build observation skills, which are very critical but hugely neglected in our structured learning set up.

The topics have been thoughtfully chosen so that children get effective stimulation and build a spirit of enquiry in the STEAM related fields. The role of parents and care givers should be to encourage children to use the prints on the T-shirts to build not just a rich vocabulary but also questioning skills. A resource of age appropriate stimulating worksheets related to each topic have been created for every age group. These are available on One Teacher One Scientist as well as aomi website and can be downloaded free. The aim of these worksheets is to help engage children and propel learning in the right direction.

So what are you waiting for?

Click on the age appropriate tab to get free age appropriate worksheets related to your child’s Tee.

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