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Workshops for Teachers

Interactive Sessions and workshops for Teachers by Vaishali Gupta

In a Nutshell: To mentor and motivate each teacher to give at least one scientist to the country, Vaishali Gupta holds teacher training workshops. These workshops have provided experiential, hands-on teacher training and mentorship for the last decade or more, all across India, Middle East, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The pedagogical workshops available offline at the moment are:

  • Making classrooms powerful Experiential Learning centres
  • Integrating STEAM effortlessly in classrooms

Teachers have found these workshops very beneficial in their actual classroom teaching due to their balanced approach and easy to adopt pedagogy.

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Teacher Training

A key pillar of any Education System

A teacher plays an important role in educating a child. I would look at a teacher’s role to be that of a potter who gives shape to clay so that it serves a meaningful purpose. We’ve had examples of how several great thinkers and inventors have attributed their greatness to the teachers who helped them transform their lives in their journey through life.

At One Teacher One Scientist we firmly believe that each one is a teacher and have the power to impact a child’s life in some way or the other. A teacher can bring about the best within a student, by identifying the child’s strengths and weaknesses. Even though the primary role of a teacher remains the same, the extent to which the teacher influences the child’s life is greatly determined by the teaching practice adopted during the course of time.

In ancient India, the teacher was termed a ‘guru’ who would take their ‘shishyas’ or students to their hermitage for years and would teach them skills and give them knowledge according to what their role was in society. This was pretty much like boarding schools today. However, in modern times, the role of a teacher needs to shift from a ‘sage on the stage’ to a ‘guide on the side.’ Since a teacher has to don the role of a facilitator, there is a need to learn the newer methodologies to effectively transact that role in classrooms.

From decades teachers have been used to following a very structured and standardised pattern, which revolved around mechanisation. Perhaps post Industrial Revolution, it was mechanisation that was needed and so the education system was geared to serve the demands. However, today, as we step into knowledge economy (post the penetration of internet) and introduction of Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, 3D printing and Augmented realities, the needs of the students as well as the expectations of the world have changed.

Today’s child does not need an information based education system, because that is available to him at the click of a button. What is needed today is effective utilisation of information by the students. Children need to learn skills of Observation, analysis, as well as interpretation of information to identify problems and look for viable solutions. Thus, classroom pedagogies might need a lot of reinvention rendering traditional methods of teaching insufficient and redundant. In the new world of pandemics and natural disasters, we need to also bring in mindfulness into our classrooms.

There is an ever growing need to train teachers and mentors today than ever before. To make a pedagogical shift in the classroom methods, we need to train more and more teachers so that systems change and more dynamic approaches like STEAM and experiential and holistic learning is imparted to our students. When we are talking of integrating the 21st Century skills into our curriculum, then we need to drive in innovation curriculum which is interdisciplinary, experiential and holistic. A cross curriculum approach that expects children to collaborate, critically think and effectively communicate to create meaningful solutions might just be the right way forward. This can be a crucial time for reinventing the wheel.

To bridge the gap between the high demand and need of skilling we at One Teacher One Scientist bring to you online as well as off line structured Teacher Training modules in active and newer methodologies like STEAM.

After our Teacher Training Modules, we guarantee that teachers will feel more empowered to take on dynamic methodologies in classrooms and seamlessly step into their new shoes as facilitators.

In the process, teachers learn how to become enablers in the child's knowledge construction and transform lives, fostering organic learning today to build a better tomorrow.

Let's settle problem solving, experiential and Holistic education in our classrooms, through effective teacher training in STEAM.

Join our Founder Vaishali Gupta's Masterclass on STEAM coming up soon!

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