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Simple Learning Activities to Think and Empower

S.L.A.T. E.

S.L.A.T. E. is a program with Simple Learning Activities to Think and Empower. It is developed by Vaishali Gupta, Founder of One Teacher One Scientist to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds of migrant communities, school dropouts and Neo-literates take their first step towards a formal learning process before they get integrated into mainstream schools. The Learning Pedagogies are especially designed keeping the demographics and economic challenges in mind.

The S.L.A.T.E. program is scientifically designed, keeping in mind that our audience are first generation learners, entering a formal learning space with little or no stimulus at home. Care has been taken to help children ‘Learn how to Learn’ in a contextual and realistic manner. The main objective is to help children perceive learning as a joyous and meaningful process while preserving their natural wonder and magic. Basic language construction begins through sound recognition while math, culture and natural sciences are introduced in an experiential and integrated manner. Ample opportunity is given to children to develop key 21st Century skills of

  • Critical thinking
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Creative Thinking
  • Innovation


The activities and worksheets are designed keeping in mind that children would need thinking skills that make them perceive the world around as a friendly place to live and learn.

Once the learning is made child centric, fun and authentic for children, they start perceiving formal learning as a safe journey to undertake and look forward to their mainstream schooling. Right from holding a pencil correctly by developing fine motor skills to learning how to think, develop perception and perspectives, the program offers simple activities and worksheets that use low cost teaching and learning aids. In most cases, children create their own learning aids and kits, giving a sense of accomplishment, risk taking and meaningful creativity.

The program uses story telling, Poems and Hands-on Experiential activities as powerful teaching and learning methodologies to teach values and life skills, around the core curricular needs.

The S.L.A.T.E. program of One Teacher One Scientist also offers Teacher training video and audio modules to empower teachers/ facilitators to find classroom transaction of activities easier and pedagogically correct.

Through our various channels we further intend to take learning beyond the confines of the schools and centres to their home environment wherein parents are also empowered through parental tips and guidance to become enablers of learning. Building values and life skills in children is a special feature of S.L.A.T.E. .

Through our One Teacher One Scientist YouTube channel we also plan to bring community involvement where people from different walks of society share their experiences and build awareness around various aspects of learning, so that Learning Never Stops.

We have partnered with SADRAG, Social And Development Research and Action Group to pilot the integrated, innovative and experiential curriculum of S.L.A.T.E. for their Ugta Suraj program .The pilot project has been successfully running at their Nagla, Nithari and Tughalpur centers in Noida and Greater Noida areas.

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