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The Reflections of a Teacher


A Self Exploratory Mindfulness Journal

To Empower Teaching Practices through Reflections, Contemplations, Thinking and Journaling

We, at One Teacher One Scientist view Professional Development on a continuum, factoring both Personal growth as well as Professional growth as key pillars to address and strengthen.

Holistic Development of teachers is incomplete if the personal growth of teachers  is neglected. A lot is talked about the professional growth of teachers, but their personal growth on human development markers remains fairly under-nourished.

To help teachers nurture personal growth and provide a guided path towards introspecting and reflecting on their teaching goals, styles, road blocks and self-limiting barriers, we created The Reflections of a Teacher.

Product Features

Pack Size – Pack of 1 No
Colour – White
HSN Code – 49029020


This journal is every teacher’s personal mentor and coach, providing a variety of:

  • Questions for introspection and self-reflections
  • Questionnaires for classroom observations to enable an objective outlook on teaching practices
  • Tables and charts to prospect their students and assess their learning patterns
  • Mindful practices to reflect on one’s inter-personal behaviours and trace their roots Intra-personally
  • Affirmations to build positive responses and behaviours
  • Practical tips to release negative responses
  • 21 quotes on education to build intrinsic motivation in teachers

This journal can also serve as a personal diary to help teachers observe, plan, monitor and improve their teaching practices and set forth on a journey of personal growth and empowerment.

With these thoughts we wish each teacher a journey of Self Discovery and Empowerment!