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Our Story

The Story behind One Teacher One Scientist Movement

How it all began!

It was a cold winter morning and en-route one of my Teacher training workshops, I heard a voice within. Was it my intuition trying to reach out to me? Or was it a hangover from a bad night sleep? I was still recovering from the struggling experience I had with my sleep and the pandemonium of a wedding troupe the previous night, in the corridor outside my hotel room.

I finally decided to ignore all thoughts that keep welling inside my overactive subconscious and take a short nap on my way to the school. Af-ter all, every moment of catching up with the beauty sleep was more wel-comed than dealing with an overactive mind. I had to conduct a workshop, and do justice to the 100 plus teachers waiting eagerly to hear me share some newer ideas on teaching science in classrooms, in this hot and humid southern part of my country.

Tucked into the back seat, I finally decided to doze off. But a strange vision covered my dream space. It was a divine intervention for sure, as I saw an angel descend with a message from the other realms that I had to work towards fulfilling a purpose. The whole experience was so over-whelming that I woke up startled. "The school is still a good half an hour away. You could perhaps rest madam." was the gentle and concerned voice of the cab driver. But I was just too taken aback. Was it something I was imagining? Or a premonition or was it really a message for me, from the divine above? I continued the rest of the drive, immersed in this entire confusion. After being swept by this whole experience, I finally decided to break the trance and enter the conscious awareness of the physical world around me.

The workshop was about to begin and I could not possibly afford to continue in my hallucinating phase. I knocked some sense into my head and decided to brush the experience aside. However I think my intuitive self is perhaps too stubborn to let go. It was suddenly when the workshop was about to end, that I heard myself saying something that my conscious self was totally unaware of.

Unknowingly, my subconscious or perhaps my intuition had taken over my physical being, as though completely connected to my inner self, I heard the organic flow of words: "I am starting a One Teacher One Scientist movement, to help teachers get motivated and give at least one scientist to their country, who will change the world". It sounded more like a proclamation about which I had no idea. It was rather queer, and made me wonder what was in store? Somewhere my stubborn self found solace at the thought that perhaps it wasn't mine. Then was it a platonic message? I have often experienced such moments when my intuition speaks to me like my true soul friend. I left the school, with some food for thought, needed to be explored deeper perhaps on some other day, after a physical recovery with a good night's sleep!!!

Somewhere deep within my heart I knew a movement had begun! "The One Teacher One Scientist" wondered my logical mind.... Hmm perhaps it's not such a crazy thought after all! And if it has come from the subconscious, then perhaps the future script shall also unfold. With that leap of faith, I began exploring my own learning from all the work experience of a couple decades, and the exchange of ideas and thoughts at Universities like Harvard, and opened doors to enter the wonderful world of teaching and learning in a different avatar. Rest, only time will tell!!!

So welcome to the world of One Teacher One Scientist!!!

One simple dream to help children experience and control their own learn-ing as they Engage,Empower and Innovate

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