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Dynamic Education promotes Organic Learning
which translates Experiences into Wisdom

Mission Statement

Nurturing inner wisdom and intelligence that each child is born with, preserving their magic, awe and wonder through experiential and organic learning to promote growth and inner transformation.

Ideas on Experiential Learning

(Learning In a Free Enviornment)

Allow every child to experience Learning In a Free Environment. Let them Engage, Empower and Innovate.

"When children are nurtured in an engaging environment, conducive to organic learning, they grow up living empowered and purposeful lives."

Let's unlock the World of Experiential Learning.


Footprints of Teacher Training workshops of Vaishali Gupta

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For our Self Empowerment

04 Jun, 22 Vaishali Gupta

What do we really want for our children?

04 Jun, 22 Vaishali Gupta


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"One teacher, One Scientist" is indeed a fantastic concept of Ms. Vaishali Gupta! Our country with 130 crore population certainly needs scientists and having the largest number of worlds youngest population it is indeed imperative that we look for inspiring teachers! I had the good fortune of sharing the Dias with Ms. Gupta and could sense her passion for science teaching and particularly demonstrating to teachers how to use STEAM based activities for students! I wish her all the very best for this endeavour of hers!"

Lalitha Naidu (Principal)

Meridian School, Madhapur, Hyderabad
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"I met Vaishali for the first time about two years ago . She is a brilliant problem solver – she excelled at everytask that was assigned to her at Harvard University, USA. She brought a lot of motivation and brilliant insight. While answering questions, I was immediately taken aback by her deep understanding of various methodological matters, and new approach towards learning processes ."

Patrycja Gorska (Director of studies)

The International School, Warsaw, Poland
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"The pristine Guru in madam Vaishali has effloresced into the books that she has authored"

P Varadarajan (Principal)

Prince Ashokraje Gaekwad School, Vadodara.
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"Ms.Vaishali Gupta has tremendous ideas that help in aiding educational institutions, which in turn make our country better. She acquires thorough knowledge before she takes up any assignment. She is highly resourceful and her presentations are very inspiring, informative and educative. Thank you."

C Ravi Prasad (Principal)

Vikas-The Concept School, Hyderabad

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