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Home Schooling in India

Home Schooling

Learning at home

For every human being, Home is considered as the first school, where the physical, cognitive, social and emotional development begins. From the time a child is born, the stimulation he receives in the home environment plays a major role in his learning style, attitudes and behaviours. Research has shown how children are like sponges till the age of six and absorb pretty much everything from the world they interact with. Consciously as well as subconsciously, the home environment becomes a very important centre for all kinds of skill building, before the child steps into the structured construct of a school. Parents and grandparents play a major role in this development process of the child.

Most child psychologists and theorists have always actively debated on the famous 'nature vs nurture' controversy. Theories of several noted child psychologists postulate that the human brain forms neural connections all the time, and at a much faster rate in childhood. Learning at home should be seriously looked at and considered because it has the scope for providing cross curricular learning, beyond the boundaries of subjects. Parents need resources and support to teach at home their child's growth in the right direction and help in nurturing the child's innate thirst for learning.

In recent times, Homeschooling has become a very popular choice where parents are trying to give children a more individualised learning plan rather than following a structured blue print of standardised schooling. As more and more parents are opting for Home schooling, it is becoming more important for parents to understand the need for successful and dynamic methodologies in deeper learning. Home can be a great incubator for creating a culture for thinking, and ample everyday resources are readily available for experiential learning. We can also overcome time constraints when learning takes place at home. Resources and time is generously at hand in home settings. Each activity at home can be a huge learning experience for a child. We believe that every corner of our homes, from the bathrooms to the kitchens, from balconies to the gardens are huge learning centres. Homes therefore have a huge potential of providing holistic and interdisciplinary learning, with values and life skills integrated in an organic manner.

We at One Teacher One Scientist acknowledge our homes as very important base camps for learning and parents as an important pillar in a child's growth and development.

We are gearing up to bring a bouquet of effective Home Learning resources for you so that a dynamic, effective, easy to handle, and holistic home environment is within the reach of every child.

We extend ourselves to parents and grandparents, through our Home Learning ideas coming up soon so that learning is holistic, fun and experiential for every child, beyond the boundaries of the four walls of a classroom.

We aim for Learning In a Free Environment (L.I.F.E.) for every child!

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