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Holistic Education

The human brain is a complex machine. To fully unleash its potential and develop it, we need to take a 360 degree view of how we are sharpening it. It is important to stimulate and chisel a child’s mind right from birth, so that he/she develops a deeper understanding of the self along with developing skills needed to thrive in the new world.

There is a need to thus consider an integrated and holistic learning as an obvious way forward in the education system today. In a world that is so interconnected and interrelated, it is important that we change our approach and promote holistic development in schools.

Through experiential learning we can ensure that children stay connected with the real world and understand the impact of their own actions and live mindfully and responsibly. An experiential and holistic education has the potential of raising a child with multiple skills, along with an expertise in one domain area. Holistic learning therefore seems to be the most suited way to raise children who grow up to create, respect and preserve a sustainable world.

Through L.I.F.E. Chats, our Founder, Vaishali Gupta helps you build perspectives around Holistic education.

Our Chats bring forth ideas and thoughts of principals, teachers, personalities in different career fields, young achievers, doctors and healers to break boundaries and any limiting beliefs we might be carrying around education. We touch upon topics that help people understand the role of Mind, Body and Soul in Education so that we take a Holistic look while educating our children.

“Whether we see the glass half empty or half full depends on our perspective!”

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