Webinar for parents

Webinar for parents


Are you ready for a transformative change in your child’s education?

Join us for this enlightening session on how the National Education Policy (NEP) is revolutionizing the educational landscape!

📅 Date: 15th July
⏰ Time: 5-6 PM


During this exclusive event, you will:

🔹 Gain insights into the necessary shifts in traditional teaching methods
🔹 Understand the essential skills your children must acquire in the 21st century
🔹 Explore new perspectives on our children’s potential
🔹 Discover the vital competencies your child needs for success
🔹 Learn how to create active learning environments at home to enhance school education
🔹 Embrace the power of fostering a positive learning attitude and a growth mindset in your child

Limited spots available, so secure your slot!

Join the revolution and unlock your child’s true potential! Together, we can create a brighter future for the next generation. 🌈✨

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