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Dedicated Interactive platforms:

Dedicated Interactive platforms:

The Blog :

One Teacher One Scientist blog is a platform where we periodically shares relevant articles to help educators as well as parents gain deeper insights and stay abreast with:

  • Latest trends in education
  • Theories of child development
  • Changing paradigms in the education world.

This is to help Teachers and parents to get deep dives into a child's world of learning with an aim to help a child grow Empowered and Engaged, keeping the desire to learn alive.

If Each one of us Pledges to give at least One Scientist to our country, we would surely do a great service towards nation building.

Let's Engage and Empower our children so that Learning happens Organically.

On Social Media:

One Teacher One Scientist is committed towards building an interactive community for:

  • Parents
  • Educators and
  • Students

We perceive this as an ecosystem where engagement is happening on a regular basis through easy to do stuff, project ideas, and brain teasers.

The aim is to ensure a time learning at home as well as in school.

We realise that parents and family members also play an important role in shaping a child's life as teachers.

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News and Views:

A dedicated community on the One Teacher One Scientist website.

We perceive it as

  • A think tank where teachers, educationists, and parents from across the globe can interact and share their ideas for active contribution towards the education world.

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