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To make our children ready with the 21st century skills, we need to revolutionise the way children are being taught right from their foundation years. Schools need to focus on developing skills of collaboration, critical thinking, creative problem solving and communication, right from Early childhood. There is a need to educate parents, teachers as well as content providers all across the board to keep pace with the changing paradigms in education.

OTOS curates educational festivals on ‘Holistic Education, to serve as a common platform where we can empower all stake holders with a common aim to align our education system to the needs of the 21st Century and foster innovation and creativity in school education. 

Do write to us, if you want to avail these services and get a festival curated for your school or institution.


LIFE Chats bring forth ideas and thoughts of Principals, teachers, personalities in different career fields, young achievers, doctors and healers to break boundaries and any limiting beliefs we might be carrying around education. OTOS touches upon topics that help people understand the role of Mind, Body and Soul in Education so that we take a Holistic look while educating our children.

“Whether we see the glass half empty or half full depends on our perspective!”

Build deep perspectives.

OTOS is fortunate to have some well renowned and accomplished people gracing our Chat show, bringing in diverse thoughts, sharing opinions and talents in candid conversations with our founder, Vaishali Gupta.

Dr Arvind Gupta ( Scientist) , Abhay Rustom Sopori, Revanta Sarabhai, Dadi Pudumjee, Sunil Karkera, Rama Vaidyanathan, Rupi Mahindroo to name a few.  Visit our YouTube channel for the entire playlist on Conversations around Holistic Education.