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About Us

About Us

One Teacher One scientist is an initiative started by Mrs Vaishali Gupta, who has been writing in education for almost 20 years now, and also has a deep involvement with development of quality education material in India. Her understanding of the practical, application based, child friendly and interactive learning process required in today's education system is trans-acted in her various school textbooks and learning materials. She has au-thored several school textbooks, activity books, and quiz books. Her walks and workshops for children have been imparting experiential and integrated learning for a long time now.

Drawing on her understanding of pedagogy and to test run the finest prin-ciples of child centric learning and building 21st century skills among children, Vaishali holds workshops for training teachers to promote expe-riential learning and skill building in schools. She is trained in various programmes like "STEM Instructions that Work", "Deeper Learning in classrooms and beyond" as well as "Educating Global Citizens" from the prestigious Harvard Graduate School of Education in USA.

She imparts a constructivist, holistic and experiential learning approach where the child builds his own knowledge in his environment, which stays with him/ her forever. Through her teacher training workshops and Profes-sional Development courses, she mentors teachers how they can achieve the same in their classrooms by being facilitators in the process. Many teachers have benefitted with this approach and wherever applied, their students have found active engagement and well integrated and meaningful learning of curricular concepts in an interdisciplinary manner. Values and life skills get embedded organically in the process.

Vaishali's various other achievements include awards, recognitions, dis-tinctions and even a special Gold Medal in Biology. She has also studied Child Development and Psychology which helps her to design and de-velop appropriate educational material and learning experiences for child-ren.

Some of her best selling published titles have been New Science in Everyday Life, Science Horizons, Hello Earth (EVS), Treehouse (EVS ICSE) and Trek published by Oxford University Press India, Computer science textbooks called Livewire and Digital Voyage published by Encyclopaedia Britannica India ( Now Indiannica) and Science, Quizzes, Puzzles and Games and many other activity books by Scholastic India.

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